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Help YSU Veteran Students

The Youngstown State University student veteran population is an integral and irreplaceable part of the YSU student body. The University boasts an enrollment of nearly 400 student veterans and eligible dependents using VA benefits. Unfortunately, not every veteran receives VA funding. Some veterans are forced to put their academic goals on hold, or forgo them completely, due to lack of financial resources.

The YSU Veterans Advisory Council presents a unique opportunity for the YSU family, friends and community to show their support of student veterans at YSU. All monies raised through this initiative will help provide scholarships for underfunded student veterans.

In collaboration, the YSU Athletic Department, YSU Veterans Resource Center and YSU Foundation – with sponsorship support from NECA-IBEW Electricians and Stadium Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac – are Penguin Proud to conduct the first-ever YSU Military Appreciation Jersey Auction.

Let’s express our gratitude and support of YSU’s student veteran population… one jersey at a time!

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Rank Name Bid
1 Richard Price $1,000.00
2 Paul McFadden $750.00
3 Gerry Moss $600.00
4 'Joe' Dickey Electric, Inc. $500.00
5 Ellen Tressel $500.00
6 Thom Hura $300.00
7 Rod Neill $250.00
8 Sal Sanders $250.00
9 Tammy King $250.00
10 Raymond King $250.00
11 Jacob Callihan $250.00
12 Kevin Beil $225.00
13 Jim Woodward $210.00
14 John Jerome $201.00
15 Jack Savage $200.00
16 R.Scott Summers $200.00
17 DDA188 $200.00
18 Jim Burgham $200.00
19 Cole Newsome's family 69 $200.00
20 Brian Wolf $200.00
21 Zak Kennedy's Family 99 $200.00
22 Kristyn W. $175.00
23 Gene Spencer $175.00
24 Brad Ditullio $165.00
25 Dave Ewing $160.00
26 Mark Sabol $155.00
27 Tami Estep $155.00
28 Jim Houck $151.00
29 Ryan Martino $150.00
30 David Balestrino $150.00
31 Dave Helton $150.00
32 Jackie LeViseur $150.00
33 Dalton Family $150.00
34 Cassese's MVR $150.00
35 Pat Billett $150.00
36 DMW Insurance, Inc. $130.00
37 Ian T. $130.00
38 Ricco Oliver $125.00
39 Adam Earnheardt $125.00
40 Shannon Tirone $125.00
41 Aeo $125.00
42 Tanner Dunlap $125.00
43 Harold Wilson $125.00
44 Scott Schulick $125.00
45 Kim Varley $125.00
46 Brian Palmer $125.00
47 Dr Michael Briceland $125.00

Where Your Donation Goes

Proceeds from the jersey auction will help fund the Veterans Resource Center Scholarship through the YSU Foundation. The scholarship was established in 2015 by Carl A. Nunziato for veterans and family members that desire to earn a college degree at YSU.

The jersey auction will take place
September 1 through November 4.

The top 80 bidders will receive a game-worn jersey AND the opportunity to specify the name that is worn on the back on game day.

It’s a unique and fitting way to honor a friend or family member who is a U.S. veteran. (No corporate names, please.)

Jersey numbers will be chosen in the order of the highest to lowest winning bids, with tiebreakers determined by who placed the bid first. The highest bidder gets first pick. Second-highest gets the next pick, and so on. A YSU representative will contact winning bidders to take payment and pick jersey numbers.

The Jerseys

Special edition military-themed YSU Under Armour® jerseys will be awarded to the 80 highest bidders and after having been worn by the players during the Military Appreciation game on Nov. 18.

Our sponsor – NECA-IBEW Electricians

NECA-IBEW Electricians is an association of Mahoning Valley signatory electrical contractors and IBEW locals in Warren and Youngstown who are passionate about supporting veterans’ causes and YSU athletics and academics.

Click here for a list of member contractors.


Please contact Martyn Moss, YSU manager of building services, with any questions about the jersey auction.